Why Deadlines matter?

“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time” Leonard Bernstein

Deadlines are one of the best tools in achieving big goals and they matter. For instance, in a regular soccer game athletes have 90 minutes to achieve a goal/goals while defending their own posts. There is an imposed 90 minute deadline and it matters how soccer players manage their performance in that time frame. Most aspects of life follow the same rules as a soccer game. In other sports, similar limits matter in winning the competition.

Some sports take more time for a game to unfold, like Cricket, where the game is played over a few days. In other sports like Olympic swimming, time spent in the competition is comparably shorter.

The talents, skills, preparation, nutrition, good night sleep and focus during the game makes it possible to succeed in a timely manner in sport competitions.

Looking at sport metaphors made me successful in most of my achievements in other areas of my life.

I love sports, and one of the things I love about sports is that they all have deadlines. Deadlines are what shape our success. Imagine a study phase without any exams or assignments! How many of us would be disciplined enough to study without having an exam or assignment to submit?

Deadlines matter, to study, to play sports, to save up enough money for financial goals; your business, a car or a house.

Deadlines matter because we are all captured in time. Time can change everything and the glory is that we can have influence on every result by managing our time for our deadlines. The total of all these short results over time creates our lives.

For example, setting up a deadline for the first workout series in weight training is going to motivate beginners to go to the gym and push through heavy weights before or after a long day at work! A small step with a deadline could be a 20 minute warm up for the first week with 10 pounds dumbbells. Less or more, everybody basically just needs to start. It is important to be confident and to have a deadline in mind.

So, keep it mind that Deadlines Matter!