Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a democrat who went to Harvard University; attended Columbia Law School. Roosevelt got elected as president four times:

  • March 4, 1933- January 20, 1937
  • January 20, 1937- January 20,  1941
  • January 20, 1941-January 20, 1945
  • January 20, 1945- April 12, 1945

He was born in New York where he also served as New York state senator and governor before he was president.

President Roosevelt served the country during the financial disaster of the Great Depression that was followed with World War II. He was very successful in leading the country during challenges that was facing the nation. Employment increased, and Social Security was established. Great Depression ended when the United States entered WWII in 1941. Roosevelt worked effectively with military and leaders of other countries to plan war strategies.

Roosevelt was the first president who had a physically challenged illness. He was suffering from polio since he was 39 and he took over the office at the age 51. Yet he had an extraordinary energy and enthusiasm to lead the nation during the difficult years.

Franklin Roosevelt’s American ancestors goes back to 1940s when Nicholas Roosevelt arrived from Holland, and had two sons Johannes and Jacobus. President Theodore Roosevelt connected to Johannes; and president Franklin Roosevelt came from family line connected with Jacobus.

Franklin Roosevelt was born into wealth, he went to private schools, learned French and German, enjoyed swimming and became an expert sailor. He traveled a lot with his parents to Europe, Canada and coast to coast of the United States.

During Roosevelt presidency, the first woman to hold a cabinet position in Congress became Secretary of Labor, Frances Perkins.

Roosevelt had great relationship with medium and was broadcasting speeches over radio  cost to cost to educate public on problems and current programs. The New Deal program was established by Roosevelt, to assist individuals with help and financial support during hardships.

Roosevelt worked effectively to end the war in Europe. In his last year of presidency, he met with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in Casablanca, Morocco, and again in Cairo, Egypt met with Churchill and Chinese leader Chiang Kai-Shek. Roosevelt made further plans with Soviet leader Josef Stalin at Tehran, Iran, and agreed to an offensive against Nazi Germany.

Roosevelt was seriously ill during his last election in 1945, yet he won the election. Due to his unhealthy situation, he left Washington to go to his vacation home in Warm Springs, Georgia in April 1945, he died there of a cerebral hemorrhage.

In less than a month later, the war with Germany was over.

Eleanor Roosevelt is one of all time nation’s favorite first ladies of White House. I am sure many agree with me on that. She was very politically active among all first ladies. She worked hard during Roosevelt presidency and once she responded to a question that was directed to her husband illness by saying ” Anyone who has gone through great suffering is bound to have a greater sympathy and understanding of the problems of mankind.” She was very socially active, helping women, children and working class Americans. She continued her work in politics long after Franklin Roosevelt died. She believed and always said ” We cannot wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow is now.”

Roosevelt named three different Vice Presidents while served as a president from 1933-1945.

  • John Garner (1933-1941)
  • Henry Wallace (1941-1945)
  • Harry Truman (1945)

Harry Truman sworn to be president after Roosevelt died.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”       FDR.