Inauguration 2017

Trump has become the 45th President of the United State!

It will be a while until I can go through a little history about each presidents in the past to get into Trump’s story. However, I decided to jump in and say that last Friday, on January 20, 2017 Donald Trump, the business owner and the fortune runner of Trump Hotels has become the President who is going to run this great country for the next four years.

It is going to be interesting! As I am reading about each president and trying to picture their inauguration and news of their times, knowing this is my first time witnessing such an event with my own eyes feels and sound strange!

No, I did not attend for the inauguration on Friday. I watched it online. No, I did not attend for the Women’s March the next Saturday. I saw the news after.

I do not have any strong feelings about this election as I have lost a love one who meant the whole world to me, only a few days before this election in November 2016. And yet, after almost three months, I still feel that it was only yesterday or hours ago when I hold my Dad’s hand for the very last time. My mind is incapable of understanding the time and space in this shocking and emotional lost.

Grief is defiantly a heavy cloud that would block ones from the rest of the world, it may have been isolated me and it is a pain that does not get any better as days go on. But I know that staying busy will help me getting through these extremely difficult days.

I am so consumed with my own emotions and overwhelmed with my feelings and thoughts about the sudden lost of my Dad, that I cannot think straight about politics or news at all.

I am aware that it will be a much hotter topic to speak about Trump’s Presidency at this time. However, I will continue my work on this site to dig more into the past history and bring in some more information and stories about past presidents.

And to the best man in my whole entire world; Dad, I wish as always you could read my posts, I really miss you. Thank you for always supporting and encouraging me for everything I wanted to do. Without you encouraging me, I would never started this weblog. Thank you and I love you more and more every day, whether you are present or in heaven, you are always with me. I Love you.

Thank you for had me started this weblog.


Solmaz Bayat.