Chester A. Arthur

He was the twenty-first president of The United States (September 20, 1881-March 4, 1885). Arthur was Vice President under Garfield and became president after the president was shot twice by Charles Guiteau.
Chester A. Arthur was nicknamed “ the Gentleman Boss” and his friends called him “Chet”.
He enjoyed Salmon fishing a lot and decorated the office when he took over. He hired the best interior designer of the day, Louis Comfort Tiffany, and refused to move in after he first looked at the place.

Arthur’s support for a better and more fair treatment of Chinese immigrants and reducing the citizenship waiting period to ten years.

One of the most significant achievement during his presidency was his support for the appropriation bill that added new ships to the U.S Navy and it lead to the United Sates becoming a major naval power. A decade later, the country achieved a smooth victory in the Spanish-American War thanks in large part to its strong Navy.

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Grover Cleveland

Twenty-second and twenty-fourth president of the United States!

Yes!!! Cleveland is the only U.S president who have served nonconsecutive terms. He is also known for his famous quote “ A public office is a public trust.”

He is a president who considered to have been a strong president for his independent and leadership.
One for democratic party, with high school education who spent most of his government jobs in New York and Buffalo; was born in New Jersey and was a brother of Elizabeth Cleveland.

His sister was one of the most respected women who truly supported and fought for women rights and equalizing between genders. However, Grover did not make it any easier for his sister as he was publicly disagree with her.
He was also caught on a scandal with a widow, Maria Halpin, in Buffalo in the 1870s and had a son from her which he took full responsibility for.

His political appointments were continually questioned by Congress. Maybe for all that, he mostly tried to improve and protect policies rather than aggressively establishing new ones.

He married Frances Folsom and was the first president to have his wedding hosted at the White House. Frances was a very popular first lady indeed.

There has been many impressive names during Cleveland’s presidency from women rights activist to investors. Mostly known J. P. Morgan, one of the most recognized investors in American history was an investment banker and founder of the company who had major influence on American finances at the time. Morgan was involved in the finances of the federal government, and he started the world’s first billion-dollar corporation. He was educated in Europe and New England. It all worked out for Morgan, but it wasn’t the same for Cleveland.

Cleveland second term started with many economical difficulties. According to historians, over 500 banks failed in 1893, major railroads went bankrupt, million of workers ended up unemployed and many went on strike.

All I can say, is that for financial reasons it was good to be Morgan and not the president.

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